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Lockdown Artists 2021- see what everyone is up to!


During Lockdown Art4Me artists are busy making work. 

Scroll down through the images and text to see what's been going on.

If you have work to include- please send it to kate at or  message,  WhatsApp or  Facebook,

Looking forward to hearing from you!


dr_B_1 Dr_B_2 Dr_b_3 

Artist- Suzi Leucht:  Mixed media.  "Dr Blossompatch urges the public to STAMP OUT Covid-19, wherever the virus materializes!"


Claire Tomlinson- Artist  - artwork:   Froison   I hope I have the explanation correct here.... The image is to be read from the left- where there's a Puffin using sea froth as protection... the puffin changes into the griffin-like creature called Frosion- a combination of Froth and Poison. Watch this space- claire is doing some amazing artwork at the moment!



Barbara Mc Quarrie- Artist.  Work in progress. Barbara continues her experiments with printmaking.  Barbara is using marks made  by a creature that ate tunnels in the household firewood as a starting point. This image is printed on fabric  from a sheet of mirror plate. 


Jill Cotton - Artist.  Sketchbook work .  Jill is working on a series of gouache and watercolor pieces based around pathways. Gouache is a new discovery for Jill and a great one too!


judi judi_2

Judi Trompetter- Artist.  Work in progress.   Judi continues her wonderful experiments with colour and texture! Here the  leaves are being  layered using contrasting colours and  beginning to come to life. watch this space!


laura laura_9 laura_day_8


Laura Tolra: Artist.   Daily drawings during lockdown.  Laura nad her family are  working on a new image each day,  here we have 6,7,8 & 9.   Nobody knows how long the series will be!



Paul Healy: Artist. Work in Progress.    Paul tells me he's reworking an earlier oil on canvas. The colours are now less muted and more textured.   

suzi_sm_1 suzi_sm_2 

Suzi Leucht: Artist  Work in progress.  Suzi has been working with textures and now mixed media.   here's what she says:  Here is the next one. This was the mainly yellow/light green one with the textured trunk. I had the urge to change it and this is what happened. Creativity goes its own mysterious ways.




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